ValueS | What sets us apart

The client's problems are the firm's problems.

More than just handling a case, our objective is to build partnerships with our clients, based on trust and commitment. The first step toward this is seeing each client's problems as our own.

Service means availability. Direct and prompt contact with the partners.

We really mean it when we say we stand by our clients. From the moment we agree to take responsibility for our clients' problems, the entire staff, especially the partners, are at their disposal.

Complex challenges, direct approaches, skills for providing simple solutions.

Often, the simplest solution is not only the best one but also the most difficult one to see. Our professionals are prepared to see the whole picture and to get straight to the root of the problem.

We provide strategic solutions, not billable hours.

Our budget is not based on billable hours. We value flexibility in order to always meet the needs of each client. It is our unique strategy, not time, which guides the formation of partnerships.

Responsability and giving back

We consider the environmental impact of our actions and of our suppliers’ actions. We select pro bono projects according to their relevance to the community for the promotion of democratic values and benefits. Nonprofit social work is part of our internal policy.