Merges and Acquisitions

On the M&A area, our professionals are known as both responsive and efficient, always able to support the client as required in each kind of transaction. Our professionals have conducted M&A transactions on different sectors of the Brazilian economy and have been involved in some of the most notorious and complex M&A transactions which have taken place on the Brazilian market recently.

We are used to assist our clients on the structure, negotiation and implementation of memorandum of understandings; term-sheets; non-disclosure agreements; quota, share and asset purchase agreements; business unit purchase agreements. In addition, we also support our clients on investment agreements; joint venture agreements, shareholders or quotaholders agreements, escrow agreements, among others.

Our expertise encompasses all the different positions on which our clients may figure on each of the abovementioned negotiations, either when our clients cease to participate on the target-companies, when they become the single shareholder or quotaholder of the target, or when the shareholding or quotaholding acquisition is merely partial.

We are also able to assist our clients on the planning and implementation of corporate reorganizations as required as a condition for the closing of M&A transactions, as well as on the fulfillment of all other conditions usually required in such transactions.