On the contractual area, Palma Guedes Advogados closely assists the client on the formation and implementation of its respective business, backing the client’s relationships with clients, providers, financial entities and business associates.
Our professionals developed wide expertise on drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to different kinds of business, being able to assist our clients on their daily operations, as quickly and efficiently as required for the adequate development of their businesses.

We are able to assist both Brazilian and foreign clients, doing business in different sectors of the Brazilian economy, in the negotiation and management of complex contracts, among which agreements for the provision of services or goods; financial agreements with public or private financial institutions, including development banks; and implementation of guarantee packages.

We also support our clients on the definition of legal strategies for entitling them to renegotiate or terminate agreements to which they are parties, as well as on the negotiations for indemnification or imposition of contractual fines and penalties as a result of agreement’s breaches.